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Has Hospice Changed?
10th May


In her 1972 testimony before Congress, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stated, “We live in a very particular death-denying society. We isolate both the dying and the old, and it serves a purpose. They are reminders of our own mortality. We should not ...

8th Dec


WHEN SOMEONE is experiencing a life limiting illness – when they are expected to live no more than six months – it is a difficult and challenging time. Hospice stands ready to help, though. Here are three areas in which we provide support. First, ...

30th Nov


In 1974 the first hospice in the USA, Connecticut Hospice, was founded in Branford, Connecticut. Since then, hospice in this country has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, there are approximately 6,100 programs in the USA, providing service to over 1.6 ...

18th Nov


BEHIND HOSPICE CARE, behind all that it does, there lies an idea. It is a powerful and beautiful idea. It is that life, the whole of life, is sacred. In their minds people will often associate hospice with death. After all, hospice provides care for the ...

18th Oct


WE HUMAN BEINGS are often contradictory in nature. We like to think of ourselves as objective and practical and yet sometimes we may make completely unrealistic decisions. We can ignore the obvious, insist on the impossible and refuse to listen to those ...