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Has Hospice Changed?
10th May


In her 1972 testimony before Congress, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stated, “We live in a very particular death-denying society. We isolate both the dying and the old, and it serves a purpose. They are reminders of our own mortality. We should not ...

23rd Feb


WE HAVE TALKED before of how each person will experience bereavement in a unique way. No two people are alike. Don’t assume that you will grieve in the same way as others. You are you, and you are different. At the same time, there may be things you can ...

30th Jan


Five Stages of Grief IN 1969, ELIZABETH KÜBLER-ROSS, a psychiatrist, published a book titled On Death and Dying in which she presented her theory about bereavement. She explained that grief proceeds through these five stages—denial, anger, bargaining, ...

17th Jan


HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS beyond measure. Reflect on your own life. Think of all the things you love. Of course, there will always be some things you don’t enjoy–chores you dislike, things that irritate you. Overall, though, there is so much that you ...

8th Dec


WHEN SOMEONE is experiencing a life limiting illness – when they are expected to live no more than six months – it is a difficult and challenging time. Hospice stands ready to help, though. Here are three areas in which we provide support. First, ...