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The Aberdeen Place Hospice Story

In the 1990’s hospices began as consistently caring, compassionate and responsive organizations with a singular mission to provide a quality end-of-life journey to those with a life limiting illness and their families. Unfortunately today, the norm is becoming large corporate hospices with impersonal, inconsistent and less than responsive service; providing only what is required.

Life Experiences

Jo Sturm and Jim Sturm (sister and brother) started in hospice because many years ago they experienced firsthand the truly wonderful blessings of a quality end-of-life journey when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. As an Atlanta hospice veteran, Jo witnessed how hospices were becoming large, impersonal corporations characterized by high clinical staff turnover, increased response times and long decision making processes; negatively impacting the end-of-life journey. Her brother Jim spent most of his career in healthcare, witnessing how delivery of healthcare was changing to an impersonal, slow and bureaucratic system.

Realizing a void existed in Atlanta hospices brought on by mergers and consolidation, Jo and Jim looked to the neighborhood they grew up in as sister and brother for the inspiration to create a new hospice that would emulate the compassion, caring, responsiveness and consistency of those beginning hospices.

An Idea Born From A Neighborhood Community

UntitledThey grew up in a neighborhood community where people took care of each other, watched out for one another and the term “family” extended beyond blood relative. Many of their neighborhood friends were treated and cared for as if they were family and vice versa. On more than one occasion, Jim was taken by a neighbor to the emergency room to be stitched up or was attended to by the neighborhood doctor on the doctor’s kitchen table.

Their hospice, Aberdeen Place, is named after that street that Jo and Jim grew up on. Theirs is a locally owned and operated hospice that is patient centered and family focused – as their neighborhood values dictate. This “neighborhood community” is the philosophy and culture that guides them and their company. Caring, Compassionate, Consistent and Responsive hospice services.

Fulfilling a Need

Jo and Jim are building Aberdeen Place Hospice from the ground up, emulating the neighborhood community that they grew up in. Starting with the understanding that a quality end-of-life journey is only possible if the hospice is patient focused and family centered, their staff consists of hospice veterans that are passionate about the patients and families they serve.

The result is a locally owned and operated hospice providing the best care to patients and their families, a dramatic departure from many of today’s large corporate hospices.

Aberdeen Place Hospice provides personalized patient centered, family oriented end-of-life care – compassionately, consistently and responsively.

  • Customizing the plan of care to the unique needs of the patient
  • Taking into account the patient’s & family’s spiritual and cultural background
  • Expanding family to anyone with a personal attachment to the patient

Meet Our Team