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Do you need guidance with end of life care for you or a loved one? We are here to help.

Nursing Care

Our skilled nurses & CNAs are available 24 hours a day.

Grief Counseling

We are here to provide you and your family with counseling & support.

Medical Supplies

Focus on your loved one, we can handle the necessary supplies & medications.

Hospice Service

We provide Hospice services in 23 counties within and around metro Atlanta.

Welcome To Aberdeen Place Hospice

Jim-S-roundOur focus is patient centered, family oriented end-of-life care. Our dedicated team of caring professionals is a source of comfort & support for patients and their families while assisting them to live life to its fullest. Please take a few minutes to explore our site and learn more about us and hospice. If you would like to talk to one of our dedicated professionals, feel free to call or email us….we are always here for you. Warm Regards, Jim Sturm – CEO

A Trusted Provider That Is Always There For You

Our passion is providing patient centered, family-oriented end-of-life care! We go beyond what is “just required”, so we can deliver a high quality, end-of-life journey.

Certified Wound Care

We partner with a national wound care program that specializes in healing chronic non-healing wounds in long-term care facilities. Learn More

Mobile Podiatry Services

We have a podiatry specialty company that visits our patients to assess & care for preventable foot conditions that could result in infections and possible hospitalizations.

Transitional Care

Through our preferred provider, we can offer palliative care if the person does not yet qualify for Hospice Care and then, when they do qualify, transfer them seamlessly into hospice care.

First Night Home Program

We provide a member of our staff for up to the first 12 hours for those patients on our service that are returning from the hospital.

Virtual Dementia Tours

Our certified trainer conducts a virtual dementia tour where the staff and patient families can actually experience & understand what the dementia patient is going through; providing a higher level of understanding so that they are better equipped to care for that patient. 

Staff Training

We provide “hands-on” training for the caregiver staff in all aspects of Hospice and pain management conditions, so they are better equipped to recognize issues and care for the Hospice patient in their day-to-day routines.

Support Groups

We moderate family / caregiver support groups, such as Dementia Support Groups, as a value-added program our referral sources can offer their families, helping them deal with the issues they are facing.


We partner with our referral sources to provide patient and family entertainment and activities such as musical entertainment, senior fitness, family fun nights, afternoon socials, craft activities, etc. for social interactions and relaxation

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One of the most common issues facing hospice patients, their families and caregivers is the development of wounds. ...