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Certified Wound Care
2nd Jun


Certified Wound Care

One of the most common issues facing hospice patients, their families and caregivers is the development of wounds. Wounds at the end-of-life can be a significant problem for hospice patients. In fact, almost 33% of hospice patients suffer from some sort of wound(s) while on service. If wounds are not properly identified and treated they can lead to severe pain, discomfort, psychosocial issues, and possibly hospitalization.

Pressure wounds are the most commonly seen wounds in chronically ill and elderly patients. This type of wound is defined as a localized injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue that is usually over a bony prominence as a result of pressure, shear, and/or friction.

How can wounds impact the hospice patient, family, and caregivers? Wounds that develop on hospice patients and become severe in nature can cause severe physical pain and discomfort. Several studies have reported that pain was the most significant consequence of having a pressure ulcer and affected every aspect of patients’ lives. Additionally, patient depression due to the wound’s outward appearance can lead to patient isolation because they do not want their wound to be seen in public. The patient’s negative body image due to how the wound impacts their body causes family/caregiver concern/stress regarding their loved one.

Wound care is critical. Having a wound care specialist earlier in the process rather than later is better for the patient, their family, and the caregivers. This is important to delivering the quality end-of-life journey patients and families expect. We understand that for some patients, the goal of hospice wound care may be to promote healing of a wound – and this is possible in some cases; for other patients, having a goal of healing a wound is not realistic and may not be possible. With the latter, the goal should be managing and stabilizing a wound to help minimize the patient’s pain and improve their quality of life as much as possible.

At Aberdeen Place Hospice we provide certified wound treatment through our nationally certified wound care partner. Our experts treat and manage chronic non-healing wounds by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, technology, and treatments. Our goal is patient comfort – removal or reduction of pain; positive self-image – minimalization of the wound or complete healing.

As a trusted hospice provider, we help the patient and family go from the chaos of dealing with a terminal illness to tranquility and peace – where they need to be.

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