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14th Jun


Navigating the Complex System of the Veterans Administration Hospital

In the United States population (as of 2014) – it was estimated that there are around 22 million military veterans. In addition, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that there are approximately 39,471 homeless veterans on any given night. As healthcare professionals – we encounter many veterans in critical need of resources on a daily basis – but oftentimes, we struggle to find those resources and help that many so desperately need. One area of complexity is navigating the maze of the Veterans Administration Hospital system. In this informative training, Kelli Essex, LCSW and Educational Training Coordinator at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, will help us to better understand the “ins and outs” of the system. She will provide an overview of service connected vs non-service connected benefits and their eligibility requirements. From there, she will cover the different services that the VA Hospital provides within its system and the best way for healthcare professionals to assist their veterans/patients in accessing these services. This training will be a “hands-on”, informative training that will “help connect the dots” of the VA Hospital System that can appear so confusing to so many. You will not want to miss this!

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