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Home Healthcare Supplies & Medication

At Aberdeen Place Hospice, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to providing hospice care through nursing care, medical social work, and counseling services for the patient and family. We also provide in-home hospice care support through medical supplies/medication related to the primary diagnosis, nursing care, and medication delivery so that the family can stay focused on their loved one and the remaining time they have left together.

Hospice Medical Support

Our team of trained nursing staff, counselors, and volunteers offer delivery, setup, and takeaway support for:

  • Prescription medications, medical supplies and equipment (including oxygen)
  • Pain control and medications related to the primary diagnosis
  • Medical transportation services

When you are caring for a terminally ill loved one at home, the last thing you need is the additional burden of running errands, coordinating nursing schedules, or picking up medications.

At Aberdeen Place Hospice, we focus on a whole-family approach to hospice care. If you have questions about end-of-life care options for you or a loved one, please contact us today.

Medical Treatment of Pain and Suffering for the Terminally Ill

Medical treatment of pain and suffering for the terminally ill may involve various approaches depending on the patient. At Aberdeen Place Hospice, we work with the patient and family to provide the highest level of care, including:

  • Management of physical pain and psychological symptoms
  • Maintenance of patient function within limits set by their condition
  • Maintaining the opportunity to resolve life tasks and goals through reconciliation, resolution, and communication in significant relationships
  • Working through the necessity for the patient to yield control to others in whom he or she has confidence

Dealing with each of these stages is referred to as ‘coping’, and both patient and family members may need various levels of support through each stage.

We offer a full range of hospice care for your loved one, including home health care, counseling, and support services for the terminally ill. Call us today at 678.878.3440 to schedule a visit and get the answers you need.