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Bereavement Support Services

Often, in a hospice care situation, the focus on the patient can leave close family members adrift. At Aberdeen Place Hospice, we recognize that it is important to treat the patient’s emotional and spiritual needs as well as their family and close relationships with care. This is why we incorporate grief and bereavement support into all our services – through our in-home hospice services.

A Wide Range Of Support:

At Aberdeen Place Hospice our staff and our trained volunteers offer a range of support services to help families:

  • Emotional support
  • Practical, family support
  • Spiritual support
  • Respite support

We undertake psycho-social assessment of the needs of the patient/family, offer intermittent and ongoing counseling related to death and dying, and provide assistance with use of appropriate community services and resources. Spiritual counseling is provided by a clinical chaplain including liaison with patient and/or family clergy and other community-based clergy. The bereavement support at Aberdeen Place Hospice helps individuals and families navigate the grief process with dignity. These services are designed to provide support to the whole patient and their family.

If you have questions about managing a life-limiting illness, please contact us today.

Hospice Counseling Support for Patient and Family

At Aberdeen Place Hospice, we are available to help our patients, their family members, and other close relatives gather and rely on the strength and support they need to cope with the death of someone who is terminally ill. Talking with a counselor today can help you cope with the grieving process while caring for the person who is facing end-of-life decisions.

We recognize that grieving is a deeply personal journey and your experience will be different from that of others – even those closest to you. Your heart and mind have to find their way through the process in their own time.