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1st Aug


What Help Do You Need?

It can be VERY, very hard if someone you love is diagnosed with a terminal illness. All kinds of thoughts, and questions fill your mind. What kind of help is going to be needed? Will your loved one be able to remain at home, or will some kind of inpatient care be needed? Will there be suffering and pain? How long does he or she have? The list goes on and on. Your head is filled with a flood of hard questions and disturbing thoughts.

Deeper down, though, behind these thoughts, there is something else. Your heart is hurting. Nobody wants to bid farewell to a loved one. Nobody wants to see a loved one suffering. When you care deeply for someone, it hurts you to see them hurt, and it grieves you to think of them leaving.

Hospice provides care, special care, for those with a terminal illness. It can do much more than this though. It can also support those who love the patient. It can provide answers to those very many questions. And as you grieve and hurt within your heart, hospice can be there for you too, providing a calm, gentle and caring presence.

Love & Caring Support

This is the way it should be. People are not meant to be isolated. They love and are loved by others. Hospice can help the patient and those around the patient. Those with a terminal illness are still alive. Hospice can help them feel comfortable so that they enjoy the love and warmth of those around them. It can show family and friends how best to care for the needs of the patient. Where there is love and caring support, life is precious and life is beautiful, even, and perhaps especially, towards the end.

We at Aberdeen Place Hospice believe that love and caring is of fundamental importance in providing for our patients and their families. Medical and professional competence are vital, for sure, and our staff are very experienced and extremely capable. But we also care. Our hearts are involved deeply in our work, our service.

There are many hospices throughout the country, and their number continues to grow. Here in Atlanta, there are very many hospices to choose from. The sheer number of hospices, though, poses a challenge. Many are part of large corporations, and though such organizations can at times be efficient, they too often are impersonal.

Care For The Body & The Mind

The very last thing that hospice should be is impersonal. We believe that hospice is to provide not only physical support for the patient, but also support for the hearts, the feelings, of the patient, and those the patient loves. This cannot be done without caring.

Sister and brother Jo and Jim Sturm founded Aberdeen Place Hospice for this very reason. While they were growing up they lived on a street called Aberdeen Place. There were many wonderful people on that street, people who cared for and looked out for each other. Jo and Jim feel inspired by those experiences to this day, and they named their hospice after the street where they first experienced a neighborhood community where everyone supported one another.

Aberdeen Place Hospice has lived up to its name! This hospice really is like a neighborhood. We provide consistently competent and professional services. We respond to the individual needs of patients, families and friends with compassion and understanding. Most of all, though, we care. We care deeply, and we are here to help you.

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