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Hospice Focuses On Care & Comfort


The word “Hospice” comes from medieval times when “hospitality” shelters provided rest for the sick or weary travelers. Modern Hospice was established in England to provide special care for persons making their journey through a terminal illness. Today, Hospice focuses on care and comfort rather than cure.

Hospice care concentrates on the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient as-well-as family members and loved ones. Satisfying these needs helps the patient to focus on living each day as fully as possible. Comfort to most people is experiencing pain control and remaining in their own environment surrounded by family and friends. Family members / caregivers, with the help and guidance of the Hospice team, share in the care of the patient, providing a fulfilling alternative healthcare for those with a terminal illness.

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Understanding Hospice
Making the decision to place your loved one in Hospice care is a difficult one. Download our helpful guide to learn more about Hospice.
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Hospice In Rural Areas
Hospice care in rural areas can be a bit different. To learn more about Hospice care in rural America download the help guide.
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The Philosophy Of Hospice

Hospice is a philosophy focused on providing palliative (comfort) care to patients in their end-of-life stages. To carry out these services, Aberdeen Place Hospice utilizes a medically-directed Interdisciplinary Team involving patient, family, loved ones, professionals and volunteers.

The Goals Of Hospice Care Are Comfort, Dignity & Quality Of Life

The difference between this and other treatments is that the focus is on the “patient living with the illness”, rather than on the illness itself. People may choose palliation before “all else has failed” if they feel that the burdens of continued curative treatment outweighs its benefits.

Preparing Emotionally & Spiritually For End-Of-Life

Every effort is made by the Hospice team to provide maximum physical comfort for the patient. Hospice then focuses on the heads and hearts of those going through this experience – preparing them emotionally and spiritually for death. Aberdeen Place Hospice considers this just as important to provide services for family/loved ones as we do for our patients.